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Toddler Program

Our Toddler Program Encompasses:

Physical Development

~ In this "walking" phase of development, we will help develop your toddler's physical attributes by incorporating large motor activities such as climbing and swinging and small motor activities such as block building, legos, molding, squishing, and stacking, sorting and stringing.

Emotional Development

~ By encouraging your child to explore self-identity through teacher support and classroom activities, they will gain more independence and be more apt to explore activities on their own.

Social Development

~ Not only is this the beginning of the walking phase of development, but your child is now interacting more with other children.  Involving your child in group activities and monitoring their group dynamics, this important phase of social development will be initiated.  Helping learn new social skills by encouraging social and cooperative play, by helping children share their toys, use needs to express how they feel and what they need, and follow simple group rules and routines will be initiated in their classrooms.

Intellectual Development

Encouraging Creativity ~ Your toddler's ability to learn is at one of the highest levels in development.  Our teachers will assist by developing curriculum with arts and crafts, reading, circle time, music, manipulative play, and sensory perception and development activities.  Children will be encouraged to develop creativity, language to express thoughts, and develop listening/thinking skills and self-confidence.

Toddler Teachers

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